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JetBuzz has your back! We carry a range of boat accessories and needs while also being able to order in anything else you might need.

From Anchors, trailer lights, D-shackles, jetty fenders to custom ropes, we either carry it in stock or can get your item ordered in specifically for you. Being a smaller retailer, we can often beat big stores when ordering specialty items in. Not having to stock items for long periods of time allows us to keep the price down to save you down the line!


From rated D-Shackles, carabiners, boat lights, rod holders and so much more.
JetBuzz carries and can order in anything to make your boat safe on and off the water.

Salt-Away Photo

Don’t let the salt ruin your boat. Great used when washing your boat down and maintaining your engine.

Sea Master Photo

JetBuzz carries a range of Sea Master batteries to suit your needs. We offer free install as well, so come in and see us.


Not only do you need one by law, it’s so handy to have one on board. We stock a range of anchors for boats and jet skis. Our anchors are perfect for use here in Lake Macquarie and the surrounding areas.


JetBuzz carries a range of floating rope for your boating needs. Don’t get caught out with some cheap flimsy rope which breaks easily. Get a proper rope which will last you in the sun, heat and waves

Spliced Rope

Get the most out of your ropes with an eye splice on the end. Makes attaching to various jetty’s and posts that must easier. JetBuzz will create a custom spliced rope for you to make your boating days easier and safer.