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Our newest jet boat, Wild Thing, is 9.5m in length with a beam of 3.2m, and is powered by twin six-litre Cummins Turbo Diesel engines coupled with two Hamilton 292 jet propulsion units pumping a whopping 1,200 litres of water through the jets every second and delivering an awesome 530 KW (750 horsepower) to give you the ride of your life. This vessel fully loaded can reach a speed of 42 knots, enough to satisfy those looking for speed and exhilaration from their Lake Macquarie boat hire.

Jet Boat Charter


JetBuzz is fully licensed and insured and maintains the highest levels of occupational, health and safety standards.

Our boat masters (skippers) are commercially qualified and licensed with NSW Maritime. NSW Maritime have approved our masters and our boats. Our jet boats have been approved for operation as they are in survey and commercially registered with AMSA and NSW Maritime.

Our jet boats comfortably seat 13 people or 21 in our larger boat. Our boats are fun and we want everyone to experience the ride, so for safety, we have restricted the age of children to five years to ensure they are old enough to reach the handrails. We don’t advise people who are pregnant, recovering from a recent injury, or anyone with back, neck, or heart problems to get on board. If you have a prior or existing injury or health issue and want to come jet boating, check with us first and inform the skipper (driver), as it might just mean we can put you in a different seat to make your ride more comfortable and safe. We also look after personal items like wallets, passports, purses, or cameras in our office if riders prefer. Cameras are allowed on board, but a camera will likely get wet.

We have been in operation since 2006 and have a 100% safety record. The boats are purpose-built and designed with safety as the first concern.

JetBuzz promises you action-packed thrills aboard our state-of-the-art purpose-built ocean-going adventure vessel (Wild Thing) where our licensed staff will ensure your fun, enjoyment, and safety! Wild Thing was designed and built in Australia with the ocean in mind. It’s designed to cut through chop, spin, and surf on waves, and is without question one of, if not the best, adventure jet boat vessels in Australia.

Though we’ve never had to use it, all boats are fitted with safety equipment. Our number one concern is safety. Both management and crew routinely check the vessel safety issues, and checks are made daily. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us about it.

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