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Our Jet Boat

Do you have a new Jet Boat? What happened to the old one? 

We upgraded to a newer boat that is able to operate offshore for our whale watching tours and Ocean Extreme thrill rides as well as catering for larger groups on the Lake. The old yellow boat the "Cheeky Bee" will be sadly missed, it was a fantastic boat and gave us years of fun and excitement. It has a new home now in the Whitsundays.

What is the difference between the Two "Lake/Harbour Rides" and the "Ocean Extreme"?

Not only is "Ocean Extreme" a longer ride, but it takes you to the extremes of Jet boating. We take you out through the heads & into the surf where we ride the waves… you get to take in more of the sights that you wouldn’t see on the "Lake/Harbour Thrill"!!

JetBuzz is the ONLY jet boat operator in NSW which goes into the ocean. You can NOT find an experience like this anywhere else in NSW!

Do I need to be there earlier than my departure time?

Yes you do. Our passengers are required to check in at least 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.

Can I bring a camera with me and take pictures?

As you will need to hold on with both hands during spins, unless you have a head or chest mounted Go Pro, you cannot take cameras on board as this could be a risk to yourself or others. We cannot be responsible for the safety of your camera or personal goods. JetBuzz has a camera mounted to the boat that takes your pic every 2 seconds + some short Video to capture all of the action (& your expressions) we put them all on a USB & ready for you to take home shortly after the ride that you can purchase for $30.

Where can I leave our personal belongings?

Our lovely office staff can keep all of your valuables safe, otherwise safe in your car with keys in the hands of our staff is another option.

Are bookings essential?

Bookings are ESSENTIAL the more notice we have the better chance you have at securing a seat. You are more than welcome to call us or come along on the day we often have a couple of spare seats.

Is there a Minimum Age to ride the jet boat?

Yes... 5 year’s + all children must be over 120cm if not travelling with an adult. All passengers should be able to reach the handrails and hold on firmly. Passengers aged under 18 years must have an adult sign on their behalf.

What age do you class as a child for pricing?

5 to 14 years.

Are there any restrictions?

It is advised that any passenger's who may be pregnant, had any recent injuries, suffer from neck, back or heart conditions or think if it is a risk for them to ride must realize that the decision is at their own risk.

How many people does the Jet Boat hold?

Maximum of 21 passengers, each in their own comfortable seat. We are only allowed to take 12 on the Ocean Extreme & Whale watching tours.

How long do the rides go for?

It varies on which ride you have chosen, "Lake/Harbour Thrill" is a 35 minute experience, where the "Ocean Extreme" is between 45-60min depending on which location you visit. If you are chartering for a group & are working on a budget we can work with you & offer it to be however long (or short) you wish! We can make custom rides, special pick up locations and more.

How much does it cost?

You can find all of our pricing options by clicking here, Rides & Prices.

We also cater rides & packages to suit your budget for group bookings, party’s etc.

What do I wear?

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting a bit wet! When it's cooler weather make sure you bring a jumper to keep you warm. We can provide Water Proof Spray Jackets to all Jet Boaters however there’s no guarantee you will stay dry so bring a change of clothes if you have fancy dinner plans. Footwear is recommend (flip flops / sandals are fine). For the ladies, flat shoes are best!

Will I get wet?

Yes… BUT we can provide waterproof ponchos to, you may still get wet but not as much. Every ride is different according to the weather conditions from a mild spray to very wet. If you want to stay on the dryer side, we suggest you sit towards the front of the boat. Our office staff can look after for your valuables while you are on the ride.

Boat Hire

Do I need a Boat Licence?

Only our Sports Boat (Bowrider) and 15hp Tinnie require a boat licence. ALL other boats do not. We just require someone over 18yrs, with a drivers licence to be responsible and carry their details with them on board.

Do we need to book?

We strongly recommend booking for any activity. With the boats, we might not have the boat in the water or available. With our online bookings being active 24/7 you can see when you can or can't book online.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately we are not permitted to have pets within Raffertys resort and on our boats. All pets must remain at home as there is no where to leave them safely when you are on the boat.

How many people can the boats take?

Depending on the boat between 4-12 passengers, or 16 if you charter the luxury cruiser. We classify each person as 1.

Where can we go?

As per the terms and conditions we do have boundaries for all boats. The sports boat has access to all of Lake Macquaire Proper, where the other boats are bound by Pulbah Island as the furthest north they can travel on our finger of the lake.

Can we fish?

Sure can! Each boat has a licence for up to 4 people to fish. You can purchase extra fishing licences online. We also hire and sell fishing rods on site too.

Fishing is a great fun, catching is even more fun... no promises of catching however

How to find Us

Where are you?

Our main office is on Lake Macquarie at Cams Wharf within Raffertys Resort. This is where all of our Boat hire, kayaking + SUPs and lake departing jet boat rides depart from.

Where our Newcastle Jet Boat rides depart from Honeysuckle within the harbour.

We can also arrange pick up’s for groups who Charter the boat from most locations on the lake. See Group Packages to find out more or call our friendly staff on 0249721777.

How do I find you?

When you book, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail which will have a link to open up Google or Apple maps to help you find us.

If you're rolling the dice and just turning up, Google "JetBuzz" and you'll find us easily on the maps


How long are the Gift Certificates valid for?

All JetBuzz Gift Certificates are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. If your voucher is close to expire, give us a call & we may be able look after you! We understand how busy life can be!!

Can I book for a time that suits me?

If a specific time is not available, give us a call and we’ll do our very best to fit something in for you.