A top experience run by A-class people. We had a group of 23 people of varying ages and girths booked in for the Jet Boat ride as a work-do surprise after eating at the Milano’s restaurant (which is next door). My wife and I arrived early to set the scene/tables for the work do and when beer-o-clock arrived I realised I had left my stubbie-holder at home. Now if you’re a pinky-finger at 45 degrees wine-drinker or some serious Bourbon buffoon you may not appreciate the seriousness of the situation.... Fellow beer-drinkers will understand the necessity of a barrier between the hand and bottle on a 30C day. Long-story-short a female employee at Jetbuzz recognised my plight from afar and offered me the only beerstubbie holder within the entire place as a loaner. Now THAT my friends is SERVICE... And it didn’t end there. Seriously, these people are a delight to deal with. Cindy (my wife) organised the whole deal over the net via email and Jetbuzz responded promptly and nothing at all was even remotely a “problem”. Out of the 23 people 21 of us “braved” the jet boat ride and every single one of us would do it again. I’ve been on Jet Boat rides before but this one was by far the most fun.