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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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Whether your wanting to Demo, Hire or Buy, JetBuzz can help you with the right advice.

We stock Quality Brands such as EPIC & SUNJAM and specialize in Stand up Paddle Boards ( SUP ), Surf Skis, Sea Kayaks and Fishing Kayaks. Carbon paddles plus other accessories.


The Boards


SUNJAM uses a High Density EPS Core (20Kg/m3) with 6mm Plywood stringer. This makes our boards stronger and keeps the Rocker.


Our Boards are shaped by AKU Shaping machines. This insures that every board has a perfect thickness and rocker every time. Once the board has been shaped, it just needs simple hand finishing of the rails. All our Boards are tested by our team of paddle board experts.


Our Standard Boards are glassed with 3 layers of 6OZ Fiberglass on the top and 2 layers of 6OZ on the bottom. Reinforced Rails protect the boards from Paddle damage.

Bamboo Veneer Construction:

Our veneer Boards are glassed with 2 layers of 6OZ Fiberglass + 1 layer of 0.7mm Bamboo on the deck. Vacuum Bagged.

 Final Coat:

A final protective coat of Epoxy is applied on all our Boards.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience and enjoy the best of both worlds: the strength and grace of Pilates, with the tranquility of the Lake? Believe it or not, you now can!

If you are looking to improve your core strength, cardio fitness, balance, and flexibility – with virtually zero impact – there is no more effective way than through stand-up paddleboarding and SUP Pilates...

Our classes are designed to strengthen your body, mind, and soul as we as we participate in an ever-changing workout and adapt to our environment!

Our Paddleboard SUP Pilates coach will guide you through the class incorporating a warm-up paddle to get the blood flowing, then onto the Pilates method which will help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. After a great workout and stretch in natures own studio, the cool down paddle will ease you back into your day. Maybe even join the group afterwards for a Latte :)

Classes located on the beautiful shore of Cams Wharf in the Mercure Raffertys Resort.

SUP Boards available for hire or bring your own and if your in the market for your very own SUP speak to Simon at the watersports shop for expert advice.

For details on SUP Pilates or to book your spot contact Kelli on 0488 131 000